Virginia 100% Financing

Home Buying Webinar

Learn about the down payment grants, loans and 100% financing options available in Virginia. See more below, and watch today!

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14 Rent vs Buy

We’ll walk you through whether renting or buying is best for your financial situation right now and show you how that can change.

14 Buying Process

You’ll learn the nuts and bolts of buying a house from the initial search, making an offer, negotiating repairs, to what happens at closing.

14 Credit and Repair

We’ll discuss what credit levels are acceptable in which loan programs and what steps to take to repair your credit in order to qualify.

14 Loan Programs

Learn what loans are available in the Winchester area from FHA to USDA, VA and everything inbetween, including 100% financing programs.

14 Down Payments

Learn about the different options for down payment and closing cost help that are available in our area.

14 Real Life Examples

Have fun playing with real life houses, see which loans they can use, and what the payments would be!

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