Winchester VA
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Featured prominently in history, Winchester retains its historic charm with a walkable downtown featuring restaurants and shops. The residential communities in Winchester and surrounding Frederick County continue to grow at a quick pace with a mixture of resales and new construction homes being built. 

We also serve the surrounding smaller towns in-between in Frederick, Clarke and Warren Counties including Stephens City, Berryville, and Front Royal.

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Buying With a Home Sales Contingency

Today's video segment featuring Misty Weaver of the Dream Weaver Real Estate Team discusses all the issues you must consider when you intend to buy a home, but you have a home to sell yourself.  So the topic for today is what you need to know when you are buying a...

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What Is In a Listing Agreement

In today's video Misty Weaver from the Dream Weaver Real Estate Team discusses the seller's Listing Agreement.  There are a number of pages to the typical listing agreement and it's important that sellers know what's in the listing agreement, what's involved in...

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Zillow and Pre-Foreclosures – What is the Deal?

For today's video, Misty Weaver from the Dream Weaver Real Estate Team, is going to talk some about Zillow and the pre-foreclosure properties that you may have seen listed on their website on occasion.  We get frequent calls about these and today's video will discuss...

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