One major priority for every family looking to purchase a new home is researching the school system and the schools in the areas the home buyer has on their favorites list. Winchester, VA and surrounding communities are served by the Frederick County Virginia Public Schools System. These residents enjoy well-qualified and dedicated teachers and with several newer facilities and recently renovated older ones. Below is a list of the schools and their respective mission statements, vision statements, and/or other historical information with links to their individual school websites.


Gainesboro Elementary will create a collaborative school culture and a student centered learning environment to ensure that we achieve measurable, meaningful increases in academic performance for all students.  In our effort to realize this, we will:  collect data to measure performance and to inform instruction; frequent monitoring and reporting of student performance is essential; provide timely interventions for low performing students as well as enrichment opportunities for high performing students; conduct ourselves in a manner that is in line with the core traits of FCPS; create a welcoming school climate.

4651 North Frederick Pike
Winchester, VA 22603
Phone: 540-888-4550

Evendale Elementary staff is committed to creating a positive community of learners while teaching a high quality curriculum. Staff will measure student growth through ongoing and annual assessments. To ensure growth at all levels, differentiated instruction, interventions and resources will be used to respond to learners’ needs.

220 Rosa Lane
Winchester, VA 22602
Phone: 540-662-0531

Indian Hollow Elementary staff, parents, and community of Indian Hollow Elementary School will provide our students with a strong foundation of knowledge in core academics, technology, fine arts and physical education. Working collaboratively, each child’s needs and learning styles will be met through classroom instruction, tutoring, Reading Recovery, Title I and other programs that will improve academic performance. Ultimately, we want our students to experience academic success to enable them to become life-long learners.

1548 North Hayfield Road
Winchester, VA 22603
Phone: 540-877-2283

Apple Pie Ridge Elementary is known for its hard working students, staff, parents and school community that make learning at Apple Pie Ridge fun and invigorating. Along with its high standards, including No Child Left Behind, Virginia’s Standards of Learning, and Frederick County’s Educational Standards, Apple Pie Ridge reaches out to all students, making sure all students understand and learn at their very best.

349 Apple Pie Ridge Road
Winchester, VA 22603
Phone: 540-662-4781

Armel Elementary creates an optimal learning environment which enables all students to achieve their fullest potential by providing quality education with the mutual support of educators, students, parents, peers and the community.  Achieve – We believe success is unique to each student and all students can achieve success; Educate – We believe we need to educate the whole child based on the needs of each individual so the student becomes a lifelong learner and upstanding citizen; Support – We believe we need to support our school community academically, physically, socially, and emotionally.

2239 Front Royal Pike
Winchester, VA 22602
Phone: 540-869-1657

Bass-Hoover Elementary children are respected as unique individuals who are encouraged to develop to their fullest potential.  Our school’s mission is to promote our students’ mastery of grade level academic skills as well as the development of strategies necessary to become life-long learners. To meet this challenge, our staff will implement a variety of teaching techniques in partnership with the child, family and community.

471 Aylor Road
Stephens City, VA 22655
Phone: 540-869-4700

Evendale Elementary staff is committed to creating a positive community of learners while teaching a high quality curriculum. Staff will measure student growth through ongoing and annual assessments. To ensure growth at all levels, differentiated instruction, interventions and resources will be used to respond to learners’ needs.

220 Rosa Lane
Winchester, VA 22602
Phone: 540-662-0531

Greenwood Mill Elementary mission is to be respectful of individual needs, responsible for fostering lifelong learning and ready to prepare students for success.  GMES School Rules:  Be Respectful, Be Responsible, Be Ready.  Vision:  Guiding, Motivating and Encouraging Success.

281 Channing Drive
Winchester, VA 22602
Phone: 540-667-7863

Middletown Elementary mission is to encourage our students to appreciate diversity, enable them to be life-long learners and empower them to be responsible citizens.  Modeling Excellence and Success. An effective school is a result of hard work by dedicated employees, students, parents, and volunteers from the community. It is our goal to inform the community of the activities at Middletown Elementary School and to work in partnership to promote a quality education for all students.

190 Mustang Lane
Middletown, VA 22645
Phone: 540-869-4615

Orchard View Elementary believes that all children should be given every opportunity to reach their fullest potential. Our purpose is to provide quality instruction for mastery of basic skills, and development of higher level thinking skills. We will ensure that students, parents, teachers, and school administrators work together to nurture the growth and progress of our children in order that they become productive citizens. This will be achieved by adjusting curriculum to fit the needs of all students and by using a variety of teaching strategies and programs to reach every child.

4275 Middle Road
Winchester, VA 22602
Phone: 540-869-8642

Redbud Run Elementary mission is to help every child learn and achieve at his or her highest possible level by providing a positive and challenging learning experience for all children and by ensuring that every child meets with success in some way everyday.

250 First Woods Drive
Winchester, VA 22603
Phone: 540-678-1868

Stonewall Elementary provides opportunities for students to become independent thinkers; instruct and challenge students to use a variety of techniques to meet their individual needs, reach their academic potential and build strong values; consistently evaluate student strengths and weaknesses and plan instruction according to students’ needs through intervention, remediation and enrichment

3165 Martinsburg Pike
Clear Brook, VA 22624
Phone: 540-662-2289


Admiral Richard E. Byrd Middle is committed to ensuring that all students achieve academic success. We have high expectations for student learning which are monitored through varied assessments, planned collaboration, and support programs that assist students with academic skills and personal growth. We support a partnership with parents, students, and staff that contributes to a positive and safe school environment. We strive to promote the development of strong character, student initiative, and school citizenship.

134 Rosa Lane
Winchester, VA 22602
Phone: 540-662-0500

Frederick County Middle is committed to helping all students develop the knowledge, skills, and habits to become successful learners and leaders.  Students and staff understand: stakeholders share high expectations for student achievement; collaborative teams focus on student success; teachers consider individual differences and learning styles and plan for developmentally appropriate instruction; a school-wide focus on excellent instruction includes curriculum alignment and differentiation; teachers work collaboratively to create lesson plans aligned with the curriculum that include clear learner objectives, differentiated methods and activities, technology application and assessment; students are actively engaged in learning.

4661 N. Frederick Pike
Winchester, VA 22603
Phone: 540-888-4296

James Wood Middle values all members of our school community and is dedicated to building life-long learners.  We are committed to developing opportunities for academic, social and emotional growth. Our students have unique abilities, talents and learning styles; therefore, we accept our responsibility to provide a safe, supportive school climate and implement instructional programs, including remediation and enrichment, that cultivate the success of all students. We are dedicated to employing the collaborative resources of staff, students, parents and our community to ensure that our students achieve the highest quality education possible.

1313 Amherst Street
Winchester, VA 22601
Phone: 540-667-7500

Robert E. Aylor Middle
  is committed to promoting a positive school climate built upon an inviting and caring environment in which we address and monitor the individual learning needs of all students. We strive to create a partnership between students, parents, educators and community stakeholders with regards to learning goals and success criteria to increase student achievement.

901 Aylor Road
Stephens City, VA 22655
Phone: 540-869-3736


James Wood High all staff work together to provide a safe, supportive environment that enables students to be self-directed, lifelong learners. Our instruction enables all students to meet and exceed curricular expectations, state mandates, and individual goals. We provide diverse learning opportunities, which include intervention, remediation, and enrichment.  The 4 Colonel C’s: Critical Thinking and Problem Solving; Communication; Collaboration; Creativity and Innovation.  We exist to Cultivate Excellence, and all of our initiatives focus on active student engagement.

161 Apple Pie Ridge Road
Winchester, VA 22603
Phone: 540-667-5226

Millbrook High learning community will maximize each individual’s potential, open minds to diverse opinions and cultures and create a life-long desire for learning that will enable each student to meet the challenges of an ever changing society.  In support of this mission, we pledge to: Maximize learning potential; Instill a life-long desire for learning; Listen with an open mind to diverse opinions; Lead by example; Broker strong academic and personal relationships among the students, faculty and the community; Resolve to encourage respect and responsibility; Offer and outstanding environment demonstrated by high quality instruction, creativity, cultural awareness and self direction; Operate with the ideals to uphold the dignity and uniqueness of our school community; Keep focused on kindness and consideration to all.

251 First Woods Drive
Winchester, VA 22603
Phone: 540-545-2800

Sherando High is preparing all learners today to meet the challenges of tomorrow.  The staff of Sherando High, believing that all students can learn, will provide a safe and supportive environment that encourages intellectual, emotional, physical and social growth.  We accept responsibility for providing a positive educational atmosphere, which will encourage students to maximize their learning opportunities.  We will promote the active participation of parents and the community in the educational process.

185 South Warrior Drive
Stephens City, VA 22655
Phone: 540-869-0060