Jasmine, please tell us about yourself!

Hi I’m Jasmine Frye, born and raised in Winchester by my father Dale Fry and late mother Barbara Jean Frye. I attended Basshoover, Aylor and Millbrook, cheered varsity all 4 years, and then attended WVU. After graduating I worked on Capitol Hill for an internship with the House of Representatives. After completing that I worked with the Boys and girls club and Habitat for Humanity in Warrenton. Realizing I’d like to commit to serving my own community. Worked for Valley Health as an outreach coordinator for the cancer center, Winchester foster care, NAACP, Shen Arts Council, Winc gov… since then I have been working on the Mady Rodriguez delegate campaign and north side revitalization. Still working to connect resources with people every single day!

What is something fun people might not know about you?

Some people may not know that I can do a back flip… yes still do a back flip 😂

What organizations do you currently volunteer/work with, and in what ways?

NAACP (member), Shen Arts (board member), Mady Rodriguez delegate campaign (event coordinator), Winchester tourist center (model), Chamber of Commerce (member), CCAP (volunteer), North side family day (board member), Young Democrats (member), Red Cross (volunteer), the cancer center (outreach coordinator- ended in may 2023), Northside advocate Equality group (founder and ceo), trash triangle (board member), Millbrook alumni 2023.

What motivated you to start volunteering, and how did you first get involved with your current organization(s)?

Living here and experiencing memories with my family and friends inspired me to try my hardest and to use my voices in rooms that wouldn’t always have a lot diversity. I speak up for those I believe are not heard. It energizes me to “be the change you wish to see,” and as someone born and raised here the stakes are high. I wish to see all my loved ones succeed.

How do you feel your volunteer work aligns with your personal values and interests?

My personal values include volunteering and being of service. I see no “job” or “chore” in service work. One simply has it or does not.

Can you share a memorable experience or story from your time volunteering that had a significant impact on you?

Working on a breast cancer campaign for valley health after a friend I knew from high school, Katie Teets, passed from it was profound and honorable to continue her legacy. She worked there also. I will always keep her in my prayers and thoughts.

How long have you lived in Winchester, if you moved, what brought you here?

All my life ❤️ mom from north side my dad is from a holler in Front Royal.

Beyond your volunteer work, what are some of your other hobbies and interests?

I like yoga, volleyball, reading, going dancing with friends, and food! Eating out or cooking is something I adore.

Tell me about your favorite aspects of the Winchester community.

My favorite aspect is if you’re from here you are family. Everyone knows everyone.

Are there any specific places or events in Winchester that you particularly enjoy or recommend to newcomers?

I would recommend visiting the tourism center. Shen arts fest, MUSEUM of Shen valley and the Douglas school. I’d recommend they visit Ms. Terry and eat at T-bones bar and grill or Ms Donna at Island Delights. Take a walk on the Handley lawn and then meet some locals on a Friday night on the walking mall!