Peter Bullough Foundation GardensA few years ago, I came across an article about a remodeling project undertaken by local architects Reader and Swartz. The project piqued my interest because it featured two homes next to each other, one named Winter House and the other Summer House, remodeled for local retired orthopedic pathologist Peter Bullough. The architecture was stunning, but the photos of Peter’s art collections and rare books were equally so.

Bullough, like many other important figures in Winchester’s history, had fallen in love with the town and wanted to give back both during and after his time here. He established the Peter Bullough Foundation to help emerging artists by providing residencies where they can work on and share their art with the community while living in one of two homes among the collections for inspiration. Summer is reserved for local artists, with recent residencies by Tin Top’s Kerry Stavely, first resident Rachel Crockett Smith, and emerging artist Lisa Fisher.

Lisa Fisher It gave me the courage to think of myself as an actual artist. It is a mindset. I’m self-taught, so I think, well, if I can do it, anyone can. That’s what you think. But you don’t realize…. ShenArts really helped with that and then Peter Bullough really gave me that mindset of ‘this is where artists come. This is where you can be inspired.’

Past resident artists have given back by hosting a number of free and low cost workshops ranging from screen printing, collage, and lumen making, to applying to art school.

Kerry Stavely I will forever cherish my time spent at the PBF artist residency. The simple gift of a quiet space in which to work without everyday distractions is immeasurable for artists

Executive Director Katie Mooney shared that residencies are designed to be more inclusive of underrepresented communities of artists, as well as the foundations commitment to community service, such as a recent after-school program held for the Timbrook Achievement Center.

The goal of the foundation is to “save civilization through the power of the arts.” A lofty but inspiring goal.

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