As a real estate agent, I often find myself working with clients moving to the Winchester and Leesburg areas due to new employment. Most often, they have visited the area one or two times for interviews, and now need to find housing before they start their new position or before the entire family makes the move. This is long after they have made the decision to accept the job offer. However, connecting with a real estate agent early could make your job of recruiting better and increase the chances of the recruit choosing your offer over another.

Help Promote Your City

By introducing your potential new hire to your preferred real estate agent during the interview process you allow them to sell them on your city. No one knows the neighborhoods, restaurants and amenities of your city like a real estate agent does. They can get to know your client, understand the area they are coming from and help them explore similar living areas or introduce them to areas that would match a change they desire.

As a human resource manager you don’t have time to show them around the city, but a good real estate agent can give them the time and knowledge they need to make an informed decision. Being able to imagine actual life in a new location is much better than just imagining the new work environment.

Compare Styles and Cost of Living

If your recruit is interviewing at two or more companies across the country a real estate agent can prepare reports for each of the locations that will help them determine the cost of living and lifestyles that are most predominant in each area. This information can help the agent guide them to neighborhoods that fit what they are looking for so they can feel at home choosing your offer over another area.

Often times it is difficult for someone arriving for an interview with a limited amount of time to explore and really get a feel for a town. Spending just an hour with an agent can really give them an preview of local life and different viewpoints. It will also make your company stand out by providing this service!

Time with a real estate agent can be therapeutic for potential hires, allowing the agent to talk up your company and really get to know them. This is valuable for employers by reinforcing the community connections and potentially learning more about your new employee that could be useful in following up to help them choose your offer. If you would like to discuss partnering with us to help your recruiting efforts reach out today!